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Last Monday, December 21, we presented to the sectorial media the name and innovative components of what will be our new insurance rate: Marline. An advanced technological tool for the insurance broker that offers much more than a simple multi-tariff. 

It is an intelligent and intuitive environment integrated by a complete commercial process and surrounded by different tools and information analytics that aims to cover the commercial needs of the insurance broker in an efficient and reliable way. 

At the online press conference, Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker, presented the elements that envision what Merlin will be, accompanied by Rafael Álvarez (COO), Nuria Alfaro (Business Area Manager), Saul Gonzalez (CTO), Iván Buceta (IT Area Manager) and Pedro Ramos (Project Engineering Manager).

The sectorial media that attended the presentation have highlighted the different novelties that it contemplates Marline:

📰 Insurance Group: 'ebroker presents the Merlin multitarifier that will include experiences and coverage analysis. '

Manuel Chicote highlighted Higinio Iglesias' statements about Merlin, a tool designed to be "something more than a price comparator and that provides capacity to brokers and helps them to be better professionals"; He also quoted our CEO in reference to his words that "it is unfair and unprofessional for insurance distribution to match price" and highlighted the idea that technology is a "resource available to the business."

He has also remarked that Merlin will also include the analysis of guarantees and coverage, in addition to the creation of a community of users where brokers, voluntarily, highlight their impressions about the price, the service of the companies and, ultimately, make a assessment.

📰 Future: 'ebroker bets on a multitarifier that goes beyond price.'

David Leonor highlights its scope in the INESE innovation blog: The system analyzes, during the data insertion process, the risk profile and offers an approximation of minimum, average and maximum sectoral prices. It is a tool with its own identity, which will replace the application currently available to users of the platform. In addition, it will be offered to the rest of the brokers that are not in its ERP base, competing in the market as one more actor.

📰 Insurance DNA: 'ebroker presents' Merlin ', a multitarifier with a disruptive will.'

Marian Mateo emphasizes that he is a multitarifier with a «disruptive will». In addition to the classic price comparison for this type of product, Merlin is able to carry out a comparison of guarantees and coverage analysis. The system analyzes the offers and automatically returns the differences in the existing guarantees. It even allows you to dig deeper and obtain a detailed comparison of the attributes associated with each coverage of the selected offers.

📰 'The ebroker platform applies artificial intelligence to the insurance pricing process.'

This digital and economic medium also echoed the presentation of this new tool, of which Miguel Ángel Valero has highlighted the application of Artificial Intelligence to Merlin's insurance pricing process, which offers a forecast of the final result of the price of the policy, reporting on the behavior of the market and showing what your situation is with respect to it and in relation to your immediate environment.

📰 Insurance News: 'ebroker launches its new Merlin multitarifier, open to all brokers.'

José E. Chao has highlighted that Merlin is a more ambitious project than the current multitarifier, since it will not be limited only to users of the ebroker platform, but will compete with other options on the market. From ebroker we have approached the development of cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data from the hand of one of the large telecommunications operators in Spain, Euskaltel Group, advancing in the analysis of data and providing the user insurance broker with the best contracting options for a more personalized attention to the end customer.

📰 TV Insurance: 'Merlin: ebroker's multitarifier with hedge analysis.'

Virginia Zamarreño anticipates that Merlin will have an analysis of guarantees and coverage carried out by experts and that the objective is that the price does not mark the commercialization of the insurance, but rather that it is related to the product. In addition, it highlights that Merlin will be operational in the first months of 2021, replacing the Multitarifier that we currently have in operation and with a "more ambitious" plan to exceed the nearly 130.000 policies issued with which we will close the year 2020.

📰 Very Safe: 'ebroker launches MERLÍN, its new multitarifier.'

From the middle, Flor Cid highlights our goal with Merlin insurance pricing, «to strengthen the commitment of ebroker with the insurance broker, through trust and guaranteeing the development of functionalities always for their benefit and using their experience accumulated after 20 years next to the corridor ».

📰 SME Insurance: 'ebroker lanza a new multitarifier. '

Carmen Peña, has disseminated which are the main objectives of Merlin, among which are to have a set of functionalities specifically designed to streamline the flow of sales and make decision making in the prescription of a product easier, more efficient and fast, as well as improve the user experience (UX) and take it to another level through a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface.