568 Receipts returned at Cía. Operation date.

ebroker informs you, within the basic processes section of the receipt module, of the date on which the refund becomes effective. Now, when a receipt has been returned in the Company's collection management, in addition to the collection return date (F. Dev en Cía), you have the "Operation date" field, which is the date on which it is executed that action.

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537 Receipts - Variations in premium.

ebroker allows you to access the data corresponding to the comparison of the total premium of the current receipt with that of the previous receipt in the ordinary chain (if a receipt is split, it is compared with the one corresponding to the same order, for example, if we have the receipt 3 of the 4th year, we compare it with receipt 3 of the 3rd year). The amount of the total premium of the previous receipt, the amount of the total premium of the current receipt, the absolute variation (amount in euros of the difference of the total premium between the two receipts), the percentage of variation of the amount of the total premium and the amount of the total premium of the supplements of the previous period.

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536 Notification of receipt for late payment.

ebroker allows you to print a notification, related to the receipt for late payment, which you can send by email and attach to the documentary file. The content of these notifications is parameterized in the corresponding module of the Control Panel> Auxiliaries> Notifications> Receipts. You can choose the hardness level of the notification (Soft, Hard, Cancel).

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