500 Connect2.

Since February 29, 2008, we have been accompanying you every Friday and there are already 500! 500 Did you know that ... by becoming a participant in the evolution of ebroker from our commitment to the 100% web environment, sector connectivity, Cloud Computing, business intelligence ... and the best is yet to come; We will continue to talk every Friday about exclusive products, functional improvements, disruptive news ...

496 Segmentation of customers.- Parameterization.

ebroker allows you to automatically and intelligently classify your clients in a ranking based on your professional criteria. The segmentation is articulated around a value assigned to each client that places it in the ranking, this value is calculated from a combination of indicators.

495 Configuration of templates for Projects.

ebroker allows us to define default data templates for use in creating a new project. The system will offer the possibility of configuring templates in the 3 environments available for the creation of projects: Quote (PROJECT), CotiExpress (B2B) and B2C portals. The configuration of the templates will offer the possibility of, in addition to being able to indicate default values, make them editable or not in the preparation of a project and, in the case of B2B and B2C, make them visible or not.

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