• Data exploitation projects

    Data exploitation projects
  • Multitarifier


    → ebroker in the Top 10 Insurtech & eHealth Spain.
    → Presentation of the new Merlin multitarifier.
    → Evolution of organizational structure: incorporation of the figure of the CTO.
    → SegData: data analytics project for insurance brokers (Big Data).
    → Integration with Microsoft Office 365 Outlook.
    → We participate in the CIMA project: we are committed to the EIAC standard.

  • Cyberway


    → Cyberway, cyber insurance for SMEs and Autonómos.
    → Integration project with Microsoft Office 365.
    → Chosen as Tirea suppliers for the development of MEDAS.

  • Blockchain


    → Presentation of the new Web.
    → Blockchain NET ebroker.
    → Adaptation RGPD: Recabado of the consent of use of personal data of electronic form.

  • APP «My Corridor»

    APP «My Corridor»

    → We put ourselves in the client's pocket with the «My Corridor» App.
    → More than 400 brokers (ebroker users) operate connectivity based on EIAC.

  • Business intelligence

    Business intelligence

    → Business Intelligence.
    → Control panels, KPIs.
    → Intelligent customer segmentation.
    → 360 services.

  • ebroker Store

    ebroker Store

    → We create our Marketplace ebroker Store.
    → Multitarification easier with CotiExpress.
    → B2C multirating for web projects.
    → Connectivity policies SIAPOL under EIAC.

  • We moved to the Cloud

    We moved to the Cloud

    → Cloud ebroker arrives. ebroker goes up to the Cloud.
    → Now ebroker is accessible via WebServices. Maximum integration with other applications.

  • 100% WEB

    100% WEB

    → First ERP for 100% WEB brokers.
    → CRM for the active management of the Client.
    → Clients connected in mobility with e-Client.
    → Brokers connected in mobility e-Mobile.



    → SIAREC, bidirectional automated receipt connectivity.
    → We publish «ebroker connects you», setting the trend in connectivity.

  • From Windows to the WEB

    From Windows to the WEB

    → We decided to rewrite client-server ebroker towards web technology. The greatest milestone in innovation in our history.

  • Gema Award

    2016 Gem Awards

    → Gem 2006 Award for Technological Development.

  • We connect to the sector

    We connect to the sector

    → We are pioneers in the development of connectivity with insurance companies.
    → We participate in SIAC, the first sectorial standard for data exchange.
    → First 100% mutifactor integrated in the ERP.
    → ebroker as software-hardware solution.

  • Ebroker was born

    Ebroker was born

    → Born ebroker, a business project by brokers for brokers.
    → We connect offices remotely.
    → SMS integration.
    → Document digitalization.