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From the 29 of February of 2008, every Friday, we are excited to help the insurance broker and his staff.

Our Documentation, Training and Quality team prepares and sends all ebroker users an informative bulletin that under the title "Did you know ...", is intended to help brokerages to better understand the outstanding features for a better use of ebroker and thus achieve more efficiency in day-to-day work.

The newsletter "Did you know ..." is an informative and monothematic document with weekly periodicity that we send out every Friday by email.

If you still do not receive it, send an email to support@ebroker.es indicating the name of your brokerage and the email address in which you wish to receive it.

You can download in PDF format all the bulletins published to date.


556 Loss control.

ebroker allows you to track the review of claims and the assignment of processors en bloc. Pending review: allows you to control claims by the review date. Processors management: allows you to control the assignment of processors to claims.


555 Return of remittance receipts from SEPA file.

ebroker allows you to return receipts in remittance by uploading a return file provided by the bank. The system locates the returned receipts, even if they belong to different remittances, and performs the return automatically.


554 Recovery of commissions per file.

ebroker allows you to add the receipts for recovery from a file, in this way, you avoid having to mark the receipts one by one. You must select the recovery file and the option "Mark from file".


552 Distribution of additional commissions to commercial entities

ebroker allows you to distribute with commercial entities a percentage of the additional commissions of the brokerage; In the entity's commission table, you have the "Additional" section in which you can assign the percentage to be distributed during the first three years and during the rest of the life of the policy.

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