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From the 29 of February of 2008, every Friday, we are excited to help the insurance broker and his staff.

Our Documentation, Training and Quality team prepares and sends all ebroker users an informative bulletin that under the title "Did you know ...", is intended to help brokerages to better understand the outstanding features for a better use of ebroker and thus achieve more efficiency in day-to-day work.

The newsletter "Did you know ..." is an informative and monothematic document with weekly periodicity that we send out every Friday by email.

If you still do not receive it, send an email to support@ebroker.es indicating the name of your brokerage and the email address in which you wish to receive it.

You can download in PDF format all the bulletins published to date.


577 Validation control. Password strength settings.

ebroker, te permite configurar el sistema con las medidas necesarias para garantizan un nivel de seguridad adecuado en el proceso de autenticación (Acceso) de los distintos usuarios. Además de establecer el número de intentos permitidos, el número de minutos que el usuario estaría bloqueado, y el número de días para caducidad, puedes aumentar la fuerza de la contraseña estableciendo los siguientes requisitos:


576 Users. Assigned clients.

allows you to create a specific customer account, for a user of the system. In the users settings, you can generate a list of competing customers for a specific user. The clients assigned from that list will be the only ones that that user will be able to view and with whom that user will be able to work. Add customers: allows adding customers from the system to the list Remove customers: removes the marked customers from the list View customers: displays the marked customers


575 Commercial entities. Commission assigned for replacement.

ebroker allows you the possibility of generating and applying a commission table to calculate the commission assigned in the event that the policy is a replacement. Selecting "Replacement Commissions" opens a table in which you can assign the percentage of commission transferred for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Rest years.


574 Last days presentation DEC!

We remind you that next week the deadline for submitting the Statistical-Accounting Documentation (DEC) 2020 is over, specifically on Friday, April 30. In ebroker you have the necessary tools to carry out the telematic presentation of the statistical - accounting information of the brokerage. To do this, you must generate the file from the button "Generation of the File for Telematic Presentation". Once generated, you must select it within the history, it would be the one that appears as "annual-2020.xml" and then you download it from the button: "Download file", saving it on your computer so that later, you can import it into the application of the DGSFP. Remember that, in addition, once the file is generated, from "Model Printing Interface" you can print it in pdf.


573 Mass cancellation of Policies

ebroker allows you the massive cancellation of policies; you can filter the search by: Policy code Policy number Issue date Client Company Policy. Once the selection of policies to be canceled has been made, you must run the process and indicate the date and reason for cancellation.

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