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From the 29 of February of 2008, every Friday, we are excited to help the insurance broker and his staff.

Our Documentation, Training and Quality team prepares and sends all ebroker users an informative bulletin that under the title "Did you know ...", is intended to help brokerages to better understand the outstanding features for a better use of ebroker and thus achieve more efficiency in day-to-day work.

The "Did you know ..." newsletter is an informative and monothematic document with weekly periodicity that we send out every Friday by email.

If you still do not receive it, send an email to support@ebroker.es indicating the name of your brokerage and the email address in which you wish to receive it.

You can download in PDF format all the bulletins published to date.


596-Control of variation of premiums.

ebroker, allows you to automate the sending of an email to the corresponding users with the list of receipts that have an increase equal to or greater than a certain percentage. In this case, we will configure an internal alarm, of the email type and daily periodicity that, by means of a "Grouped" type template, reports the receipts due within 30 days and with a premium variation percentage equal to or greater than 10% . The alarm is created in the Receipts module and you must use the following filters: Status. P * (We take into account all pending states). Valid since. = 10%


595-Notice of receipt returned for non-payment in remittance.

ebroker, allows you to automate the sending of a notice to the client when a receipt is returned due to non-payment. A daily alarm is created that generates an email to the customer notifying him of the return of the receipt. The alarm is created in the Receipts module and you must use the following filters: Status = PENDING / DVTO.BANCO (Status of bank return in remittance of brokerage management receipts) Return date = @ TODAY @ (The receipt return date on today).


594-Campaigns. Include new candidates.

ebroker allows you to include or exclude candidates in a campaign. The list of candidates is dynamic, candidates can be included or excluded from the list, new candidates must be assigned to an account operator.


592-Birthday card.

ebroker allows you to send, in an automated way, a congratulatory communication to the client for his birthday. To do this, you must use the following data filters within the search catalog: Date of birth = @ MDM @ (That the date of birth has the same day and month as today without taking into account the year) Date of withdrawal = NULL (In this way we ensure that the client is not unsubscribed)

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