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From the 29 of February of 2008, every Friday, we are excited to help the insurance broker and his staff.

Our Documentation, Training and Quality team prepares and sends all ebroker users an informative bulletin that under the title "Did you know ...", is intended to help brokerages to better understand the outstanding features for a better use of ebroker and thus achieve more efficiency in day-to-day work.

The newsletter "Did you know ..." is an informative and monothematic document with weekly periodicity that we send out every Friday by email.

If you still do not receive it, send an email to support@ebroker.es indicating the name of your brokerage and the email address in which you wish to receive it.

You can download in PDF format all the bulletins published to date.


588 New fields in Candidates module.

ebroker, te permite gestionar el medio de cobro, el usuario gestor, la entidad bancaria o las sucursales de competencia de un candidato. Para ello, se han añadido en el módulo de Candidatos los siguientes campos: Cobro, Usuario gestor, Entidades bancarias, Sucursales de competencia.


587 Model contracts.

ebroker, has a section that contains the models of the different contractual documents that will be used in the system for legal formalization with clients or commercial entities. In addition to the predefined ones, you can register other models, for this, you have the option "New" that enables the edition of the form in which you must supply the identifying data of the new model and then edit and make the template Corresponding word.


585 Track receipts returned due to non-payment.

ebroker, allows you to track daily receipts from brokerage management returned for non-payment in bank remittance. You can automate the control by creating an alarm that sends, daily, an email to the corresponding user with the list of receipts returned due to non-payment. To do this, when configuring the template model, you must mark the option "Grouped" and then select, in the search catalog of the receipt module, the fields of the table that should appear in the mail. The result is an email, addressed to the designated user, which informs them daily of the brokerage management receipts returned by bank remittance.


584 Email templates with grouped data.

ebroker, allows you to send emails with data tables grouped in the body of the message. In this way, you can generate notifications and alarms to send emails that include lists of records, for example, an email with pending receipts at a certain date or with new production policies for a certain period. To do this, when configuring the template model, you must check the "Grouped" option and then select the fields from the table that should appear in the email. The result is an email, with a table included in it, containing the information from the notification or alarm logs.

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