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Improve claims management, optimize accounting and access to clients, main challenges in digital transformation of Ores & Bryan insurance brokers.

Ores & Bryan, insurance brokers based in Malaga, which is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year, has chosen ebroker as a technology partner in its digital transformation process.

The brokerage specialist in insurance for companies and entrepreneurs, especially in the complex branches of Caución and Crédito, started last year a market analysis process to replace its platform with the intention of efficiently addressing the continuous growth of recent years .

According to statements by Manuel Villegas, technical director of Credit Insurance at Ores & Bryan, “with ebroker we will have a considerable improvement in the management of our business information, accounting management, Management Accidents and at the maximum access to our customers. For us it is essential to increase, if possible, our daily commitment to the client and maintain our slogan of WE CARE FOR YOU. ”

In addition, with ebroker, Ores & Bryan seeks to materialize its current business strategy by opening new areas of opportunity with auxiliary collaborators for the distribution of technical products such as Surety and Credit, in various areas of Spain.

Ores & Bryan is among the main Spanish-owned brokerages in Spain and has branches in more than 20 provinces. Thanks to its comprehensive service and client advice, it has become the national leader in technical insurance for companies.