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Enrique Avello, Helena Iglesias, Álvaro Sahelices, Pedro Ramos, Mar Rodríguez and Pelayo García.

There are already many young people who, in search of a solid, resistant and multidisciplinary sector, such as the insurer, put ebroker on their radar to start their professional career.

In times of pandemic, one of the “trending topic” words that we have had is teleworking. In the month of April, during group video calls, we commented that this form of work could generate the return of friendships that were in large cities and promote the recovery, or repopulation, of our longed-for places of birth. Months have passed and the situation continues in a similar scenario, people telework, but they still do not return to their origins. For this reason, I feel fortunate, even more so, to have been interested in a company whose philosophy is to bring, from a town of approximately 4.000 inhabitants, technological services to the large insurers and brokers both in the national and international markets.

Since I emigrated from the land, back in 2013, all the steps that I took professionally (telco, consulting, banking ...) pursued a single objective, to be sufficiently trained to contribute my bit to the recovery of my region and that talent did not have to leave to carve out a professional future. After seven years away from home, the ebroker team crossed my path and it was love at first sight: technology, a stable sector, long-term challenges, a professional career and a philosophy aligned with my way of thinking.

Agreement with the School of Computer Engineering of the University of Oviedo

In our strategic plan, one of the most relevant aspects is the definition of a model to address the growth process in which we are immersed. On the one hand, we have hired highly experienced resources in the ebroker Team to support the transition we are making and, on the other hand, and not least, recent graduates with higher training covering different business areas, building a highly qualified team and that can face the different challenges that the sector offers. To enhance this short career profile, we have reached a collaboration agreement with the University of Oviedo. This alliance, in addition to helping us to attract qualified resources, will put us on the lips of Asturian youth and will make our brand spread among a population that without this type of action it is very difficult for them to get to know us.

Once the bottleneck of recruitment has been overcome, we are now in the process of implementing Talent. With this program, we seek to create a solid career plan that will ensure that these young incorporations remain for many years within the ebrokerTeam. Something very important is that, in companies with more than 20 years of experience like ours, the new sap brings ideas and brings out vices or defects that routine makes you overlook. In addition, it is also a stimulus for veterans, since it allows them to be teachers and demonstrate all the knowledge that the years have brought them. With this new work format we make the established processes improve.

ebroker Team

Within this agreement, this year we have already given sessions in the Master of Web Engineering focused on showing students how certain theoretical aspects are applied in the company. From my point of view, these sessions open the eyes of the students and help them to rectify their opinion about the uselessness of the theoretical concepts that most of us have in our heads during the formative stage.

There are already many young people who in search of a solid, resistant and multidisciplinary sector, such as the insurer, put ebroker on their radar to start their professional career

Regarding the formation of “the new ebroker batch”, we are not going to skimp on expenses so that our teams are updated on the latest market trends. Internally we have promoted actions so that information is shared and create a collaborative environment in which, at all levels, knowledge is transferred. We will also rely on the expertise of university professors as a source of information and a different point of view not related to the insurance sector.

After the first months of the model's life, we have seen that it begins to bear fruit. In the current circumstances, there are already many young people who, in search of a solid, resistant and multidisciplinary sector, such as the insurer, put ebroker Team on their radar to start their professional career. Personally, I am happy to know that we are contributing to the retention of talent and trying to avoid having to go looking for it outside, because we have it at home!

ebroker Team

Pedro Ramos
Head of Project Engineering Area at ebroker

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