insurance connectivity

ebroker, Gecose Software, MPM Software, Soft QS and Te-sis Solutions come together to promote and enhance the use of EIAC and connectivity with insurers.

The main technology companies offering solutions for insurance mediation have set up a working group to promote the mass adoption of the EIAC standard, connectivity with insurers, its simplification and unification for the implementation in the sector and the definition of the strategic lines of its evolution.

The GttE (Working Group of the technological companies for the EIAC) will pursue the following objectives:

  • Promote and promote a more intense use of EIAC so that it contributes more value to the broker.
  • Facilitate the broker a more efficient and homogeneous implementation of EIAC, sharing the experiences of the brokers in their implementation.
  • Transfer consensual, orderly and collective to insurers the existing incidents and improvements in the implementation of the EIAC in the corridors and make a unified follow-up. Insurance connectivity.
  • Participate in the definition of the evolving future of EIAC to streamline operations of the corridors.

The spirit of the GttE is to collaborate proactively with all stakeholders in the sector, with a single and coordinated voice, to facilitate a massive adoption of the standard that helps the digitalization of the sector and connectivity with insurers.