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Nuria Alfaro, head of the Commercial, Marketing and Communication Area of ​​ebroker shows you the advantages and functionalities from ebroker.

ebroker functionalities

Specialized in insurance

The extensive functionalities of ebroker are contained in a business resource planning system, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) highly specialized in insurance management and distribution (agents, brokers, brokerage companies, brokers, risk management units in large companies ...) that provides solutions to common business and business operations in very diverse areas.

  • Management of basic insurance business entities such as policies, receipts, claims, insurers, commercial sales structures, etc.
  • Financial and accounting management integrated and automated.
  • Treatment for transversal document management.
  • Relations with the client through native CRM with integrated messaging system.
  • Automation of events and workflows (workflows).
  • Integral mobility environment (APP) that enables communication with clients in real time through instant messaging, video-calling, sending alerts, etc.
  • Resources for the practice of business intelligence ranging from the deployment and personalization of KPIs, to the monitoring of dashboards, through an intelligent customer segmentation system based on real-time results of KPIs.
  • ebroker is audited and certificates according to the current regulations.


Ebroker connectivity automates and integrates business processes with insurers, both in the field of commercial transactions for the offer and contracting of policies (multitarification) and in the bidirectional exchange of information related to policies, receipts and claims. It implements the sectoral standardization of data exchange under the estándard sectorial EIAC .

  • Agile and dynamic B2B multitarification aimed at obtaining fast comparative offer and the subsequent subscription of the policy in a single tool.
  • Multiarificación B2C for the development of projects of commercialization through Internet and of implementation of intranets of offer for the distribution by means of commercial networks.


We connect insurers and distributors in a marketplace environment of insurance products fully integrated into ERP operations that promote, promote and favors business relationships for the offer and contracting of insurance among the group of more than 700 insurance brokers-ebroker users and insurance companies.

360º Services

ebroker it's more than software, we also add value in the professional field through special services in different areasboth business operation cwith INTEGRATION OF EMAIL and associated consulting and TRAINING services, such as integration with other technological systems of companies through WEBSERVICES that guarantee technological independence to our clients. 

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