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From information to knowledge

ebroker provides functionalities that allow the broker to be a better entrepreneur by applying intelligence to his business through the practice of Business intelligence, which may, however, be a complex term, is nothing more than a strategy or group of them, focused on the creation of knowledge in your own company through the analysis of data that you manage and store in ebroker daily.

It simply automates the complex task of converting information into knowledge to make better decisions.

For example, based on different factors, recognizing our best customers to act accordingly in certain circumstances.


Decisions based on knowledge

Intelligent Bunisses

ebroker BI brings intelligence to your business

Aligned with the business strategy in business, accounting and financial aspects with a unique operating environment, ebroker BI has maximum flexibility in its configuration, parameterizing thresholds, metric criteria, indicator visualization, monitoring, users and offices accessibility and control; offering accessible real-time results from anywhere thanks to the ebroker web architecture.


The 7 benefits of ebroker BI

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Help with the implementation process

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Measure to manage

The indicator is the key element in every BI process. In short, it is used to reflect the current state of a business and to define a future course of action.

"Measurement used to quantify the fulfillment of objectives, reflecting the performance of an organization that is generally included in its strategic plan."

More than 60 indicators agglutinated in 9 categories that allow us to get more from 300 business views

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Business vision

ebroker BI provides you with business vision through its Control Tables, in which it contextualizes, compares and projects information related to different business aspects and that allows you to monitor the objectives of your company and its different areas, to comply with your strategy, showing the results and the achievements of the aforementioned objectives in a continuous manner and in real time.


Benefits of the Scorecard


Types of Control Panel

From the combination of several indicators according to areas (business, management, finance, quality ...) we obtain different types of Control Tables.


You choose what is important

Boards are tools for the graphic representation of indicators that allow you, in a free way, to control or monitor those aspects that you consider important for your business.


Easy to see, easy to understand

  • Selection of indicators according to user preferences.
  • Multiple graphic formats
  • Combination of dimensions and filters appropriate to the nature of the indicator that result in a variety of views and information.
  • Data tables and indicator values.
  • Calculation of rates and percentage variations by indicators that reflect processes by inter-annual comparisons.
  • Downloadable pdf version of the panels as well as scheduled delivery of the documentation.

Visualize the data graphically or through data tables

The value of your client

The complex use of a set of indicators diverts in the useful segmentation process that allows us to automatically and intelligently classify our clients and identify those that are more or less important for our brokerage, according to a value calculated from the combination of the aforementioned indicators.


We assign a "weight" to each of the indicators that intervene in the segmentation that represents its relevance to our business model. The weighted sum of the values ​​of these indicators results in the value of that customer.


Benefits of Segmentation

  • It will increase the quality of the service provided to customers and improve the attention and coverage of their needs.
  • It will offer a strategic and business vision of our client portfolio, based on objective calculations based on advanced classification techniques based on the values ​​provided by the indicators.
  • It will make it possible to constantly monitor and monitor the variation in the ranking of customers caused by the change in the position and situation of the value of customers.

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In our Business Intelligence strategy, we have the financial support of the Government of the Principality of Asturias, through the IDEPA and the European Union, through the ERDF.

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