ebroker presents new features for the digital transformation of the insurance broker in Forinvest

Another year more we have been to Forinvest, the largest space of networking financial-business of the country where businessmen, insurance intermediaries, investors and professionals of the financial sector meet. We have shared great moments with customers, friends and colleagues who have come to visit our stand, adorned with the identity signs of ebroker.

For our part, in addition to continuing to celebrate the 6 years in which the runners who use the platform have been able to have the set of ebroker features and services hosted in the cloud by means of ebroker cloud, this event has been an ideal showcase to publicize different developments that as technology partners of the insurance broker we will be incorporating soon:

Autoway: the road to efficiency

Autoway is a cars insurance exclusive distributed to insurance brokers, result of the agreement with the insurer EUROINS and that will be available soon in our marketplace, ebroker Store. It represents the ideal connectivity model in the life cycle of the policy thanks to the simplification of data request questionnaires and the flexibility in the configuration of coverages that allows the online recalculation of the premium. In addition, and in compliance with the European IDD and the new data protection law, the broker will digitize its documentary and contractual processes in a simple, intuitive and friendly product environment within a microsite.

e + O: Microsoft Office integration in ebroker

We started the integration project of Microsoft Office with the aim of reducing the administrative burdens of the broker and which, in its first phase, will consist of the incorporation of the Outlook email tool. We combine the two large day-to-day areas of brokerages, information technology (specialized ERP) with office automation. This advance will allow the ebroker user broker to send and receive emails in an integrated way with its different business modules (customers, policies, receipts ...) without having to open new windows or applications.

Aula ebroker: personalized training

We make available to our users the training of the digital era with the aim of increasing the knowledge about the platform tools so that they can be used more efficiently, thus improving the performance of the brokerages.

With a wide training catalog adapted to the needs of brokerages, the advice of our experts through online courses can be personalized or given to groups of brokerages using ebroker. Aula ebroker will offer the possibility of annual training plans and the validation or renewal of degrees through recycling courses.

Signing of agreement, interview with Higinio Iglesias and celebration of the sixth anniversary of ebroker Cloud

Taking advantage of the occasion and under the extraordinary framework of the event, we have formalized an agreement with the Colegio de Mediadores de Seguros de Castellón. Antonio Fabregat, president of the institution and Higinio Iglesias, ebroker CEO, sealed this important collaboration agreement.

Likewise, the Forinvest organization conducted an interview with our CEO, Higinio Iglesias, in which he highlighted the 18 years of unquestionable commitment to the insurance broker and his company. Almost two decades in which ebroker has worked to develop tools that allow the digital transformation of brokerages.

Como parte de la celebración del sexto aniversario de ebroker Cloud, ofrecimos un cocktail a los amigos que visitaron nuestro stand, momento que el músico Aldo Narejos amenizó con la nueva canción de ebroker y su mensaje: «Para estar al día, transforma tu correduría». Este nuevo himno, recoge la esencia y objetivo de ebroker de acercar a los corredores las últimas innovaciones en distribución aseguradora por medio de nuestra plataforma.