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Nuria Alfaro
Head of the ebroker Business Area

Interview conducted by FECOR, federation of insurance brokers and posted on your blog dated April 6, 2021.

How would you define ebroker? What are its outstanding features?

At ebroker software we develop insurance a comprehensive solution for insurance brokers that provides efficiency, competitiveness and active customer loyalty policies through a set of functionalities and services that cover the insurance broker's business cycle.

What are the ebroker strengths that brokers should be aware of?

Mainly our philosophy as a partner of the broker, which is based on strengthening our commitment to him through trust and experience after 20 years at his side.

ebroker insurance software is a broker solution for brokers developed by professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the insurance sector in general and in insurance mediation in particular.

The continuous innovation that we develop, being our nature fundamentally technological, innovation has been a constant since our inception and the basis of our strategy.

The value that our tool brings and the positive impact it has on the broker's activity, helping them to improve and increase their capabilities and develop their business model to be more competitive.

What is your star product and why? How is it different from the rest?

ebroker is made up of a series of innovative tools that facilitate insurance distribution in all its stages, from the customer acquisition strategy to business analysis for decision-making.

In this way, our platform contemplates the entire activity cycle of insurance brokers, exploring new business possibilities and managing clients through their relationship with them; an environment for an agile and efficient business process; a back office ERP specialized in insurance distribution that facilitate the optimization and management of resources; the native and automated connectivity and integration of business processes with the main insurance companies in the market and the connection with the environment with functionalities that facilitate internal and external communications. Finally, all the information that circulates through the system is treated through the Big Data Analytics y Business intelligence to help control the business situation and facilitate decision-making, becoming a key part of the future strategy of brokerages.

What is the status of the EIAC standard in ebroker?

Since 2005 we have been betting on a permanent evolution of insurance ebroker software in the field of connectivity, a connectivity based on continuous technological cooperation with insurers and on the promotion and implementation of the EIAC standard.

At this moment we are immersed in the project of TOP (Connectivity and Innovation for Insurance Mediation), architecture platform cloud that we have developed for TIREA and that facilitates information exchange processes in EIAC between insurers and professional distribution.

We continue to develop connectivity in this regard and participate as important players in projects in the sector to promote and evolve the standard and connectivity.

Merlin is one of our most ambitious projects and it is also the first look at what will be the most powerful version of ebroker, the ebroker 10.0

What projects that you are currently immersed in or close to launching would you highlight?

We are in a very advanced beta phase of Marline, a new intelligent and intuitive environment integrated by a complete commercial process that, surrounded by different tools and information analytics, aims to meet the commercial needs of the insurance broker in an efficient and reliable way.

Merlin comes to facilitate the trading process of brokers, since it has a friendly and intuitive interface design that allows you to navigate through the process in a simple way, it is Multi-device based on the philosophy mobile first and offers the possibility of implementing intranets of offer directed to the end customer and Web Services.

With this project we wanted to solve the needs that brokerages have been having, creating a tool that offered much more than a price, with functionalities such as eNfocus for the efficient identification of vehicles and eXtra for the comparison of products and their coverage at different levels. , or SegData that reports on market behavior and eStar, a space to provide experience in a synergistic business network. Merlin is one of our most ambitious projects and it is also the first look at what will be the most powerful version of secure ebroker software, ebroker 10.0.

What is your vision of the future of mediation and today?

We envision a strong channel that has proven to be resilient after a very difficult last year due to the pandemic, but that, driven by its great human capital, we are sure that it will lead the digital evolution of mediation with the support of technological tools that provide them value in your activity.

Today data is the center of decision-making and insurance brokers must have efficient systems that are also in charge of the exhaustive analysis of information with information technology. Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In a situation such as that experienced in the last year, it is worth taking a good look at the global data of the sector, representing them and interpreting them for the benefit of insurance mediation, through indicators that show the reality of the channel in terms of the behavior of the companies. cousins.

Through PRISMA, Processes and Intelligence Resources at the Service of Insurance Mediation, the first Insurance Report, a quarterly study that will periodically analyze the evolution of premiums in the insurance broker channel, has been released.

We continue to maintain the reason for which we joined FECOR, the promotion, development and transformation of the insurance broker

What other outstanding actions are you carrying out at ebroker?

At the organizational level, we are carrying out an important evolution in the operational structure with the creation of new areas, the recruitment and retention of young talent and the incorporation of high-level profiles in critical areas such as project and process engineering, architecture of secure software development and advanced user services, which will give us a greater capacity to optimally tackle new projects in the short, medium and long term.

Since when and what is the reason for joining the FECOR Support Group? Is it still the same?

Since April 2018, three years in which we continue to maintain the reason for which we are integrated, the promotion, development and transformation of the insurance broker.

Do you think that FECOR, as a unifier of the sensitivities of the runners and therefore of their representativeness, is a valid and effective organization?

Without a doubt, since it is an institution that believes in insurance brokers and takes actions to boost its business strategy and digital transformation. Belonging to the FECOR Support Group means being on the front line to offer runners all the technological support to achieve it.

How do you rate the “meetings with runners” carried out by FECOR, both in terms of their format and content, and what topics would you like us to address?

They have been very positive encounters in which we have had the opportunity to listen closely to the runners and share experiences with them, giving each other feedback and actively learning to continue developing technological solutions that meet their needs. The topics that we would like to be addressed in future meetings would be the technological development of the insurance broker, its digitization and the implementation of new business models in the channel.

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