An innovative project creates a blockchain network among brokers that will allow managing essential aspects in the field of personal data protection

Based on an exhaustive and proven legal assessment, ebroker has launched an innovation project that develops a solution based on blockchain technology to allow insurance brokers to comply with critical aspects of the RGPD requirements, such as obtaining express consent. for a certain set of purposes that enables the processing of personal data with sufficient evidence support to the regulatory requirement.

This innovative project is based on the existence of a large blockchain private network, with a potential of more than 600 nodes, formed by the insurance brokers that make up the community of ebroker user companies, which will also have the capacity to interoperate with the insurers in the framework of other private or semi-public networks, such as the  Red Alastria Consortium, in order to share critical aspects of regulatory compliance in a context of process efficiency.

In addition, the creation of a private network based on blockchain technology within the community of ebroker user companies opens important expectations and opportunities for innovation and digital transformation of the insurance broker in such important and strategic areas as digital certification, security , standardization, IoT, big data, etc., both from the point of view of their own interest and in cooperation spaces with insurers and other strategic partners.

The project that has been baptized as "echain Blockchain NET"Which is in an advanced stage of development, with a goal of entry into service in January of 2019, has already been presented to various insurers and partners among which has aroused great interest and willingness to participate and cooperation.

Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker: "Moments of need also represent moments of opportunity. We have seen in this important moment of regulatory adaptation, both in the field of the RGPD and the IDD, an excellent opportunity to highlight the network that makes up the community of ebroker users linked through blockchain technology and around This will enable a space for the necessary cooperation of the insurance entities, sharing technological innovation challenges for legal compliance and the improvement of operational efficiency. "