program for insurance management

They highlight the importance of evolving connectivity and user experience in business processes of the corridor.

This Wednesday, ebroker program for insurance management and Reale Insurance They have held a virtual meeting through a webinar, in which the technology company has given a seminar on its platform to a multidisciplinary group of the insurer.

In the first instance, the session was presented by Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker, Víctor Ugarte, Director of Marketing / Channels at Reale and Rafael Calderón, Director of Canal Corredores de Reale, who have agreed to highlight the long and enjoyable relationship between both entities for more than 25 years, always promoting connectivity between them to favor the insurance brokers users. “Our relationship with Reale goes back a long way, it is a very intense relationship, it is at the origins of our product, collaborating and helping. We have reached this point as a global management system thanks to the help of companies like Reale, ”highlighted Iglesias.

Nuria Alfaro, Commercial, Marketing and Communication Manager of ebroker, showed the generalities of the platform to the Reale network, through a presentation that described the operation of the ERP. For his part, Alejandro Muñoz, Commercial Technician, showed attendees the connectivity processes available to Reale, their operations and configuration, both in the field of information exchange operations through the EIAC standard, and in the Multitarification.

During the work session, Higinio Iglesias also explained to the Reale team the news that is being developed in 2020, such as the new evolution of the ebroker Multitarifier, with a new interface that improves the user experience, in addition to having new elements of collateral and data analytics under Big Data techniques using SegData, another new project of the insurance management program platform aimed at analyzing information and obtaining knowledge about the Spanish insurance market in the context of professional distribution.

For Higinio Iglesias: “We are very interested in the Reale Seguros network knowing functionally ebroker and its connectivity tools. It is important to have a good harmony between our respective teams, who continuously work on joint developments with the aim of offering the best service and experience to user brokers to make their activity more efficient and productive. ”

Rafael Calderón, director of Canal Corredores de Reale Seguros highlighted that, “if technology was playing an important role, now it is even more necessary with the new scenarios, for this reason projects as ambitious as the Multitarifier 4.0 are very interesting and will undoubtedly have a very important impact on the Mediation collective, the ERP of ebroker thus completes a cycle, to be a more relevant actor in connectivity ”.

For his part, Víctor Ugarte, Marketing Director of Reale Seguros, acknowledged: “Knowing the ebroker solutions catalog first hand, designed to improve the efficiency of brokers, is important for us as a mediation company, to be able to give later the best service to runners ”.