Cristina del Ama, Rafael Sierra and Higinio Iglesias

Cristina del Ama and Higinio Iglesias have discussed the new digital client, the Insurtech phenomenon and the EIAC standard, among other topics.

Last Thursday, October 10, the first delivery of Connect2, the new insurtech dialogue forum promoted by ebroker to discuss, share ideas, opinions, launch proposals and put on the table issues that matter to brokers, insurers and the sectoral technology industry.

Cristina del Ama, general director of Allianz, has been invited to this first installment of the series in which, together with Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker, has debated in a rigorous direct followed openly through the portal platform. Rafael Sierra, a sector journalist, led the forum by launching different lines of debate about the current technological moment of the sector.

At the meeting, various topics of interest were addressed to insurance brokers that were divided into thematic blocks to address issues such as the new digital client, sector transformation, efficiency through the EIAC standard, the current Insurtech movement and the globalization of the insurance industry

Regarding the position that the client plays in the new digital society and its new requirements, Cristina del Ama, general director of Allianz recognized that "Companies have to help, provide brokers with all forms of communication required by the client". In turn, Higinio Iglesias, highlighted the strategy to follow in terms of marketing new products: “We have to provide distributors with a portfolio of products that are oriented towards new consumers”

On the other hand, the CEO of ebroker gave his opinion on the connectivity between companies and brokers, encouraging the sector to cooperate in the development of the EIAC standard, "We have to evolve it, and that requires the active involvement of companies, brokers and integrating companies."

Cristina del Ama, also gave her point of view on the technological movement of the sector, "We see the Insurtech as allies, it is very important that both companies and brokers rely on them"

The full video of the broadcast can be found at the following link: Connect 2. The insurtech forum for insurance brokers

The meeting was held at the facilities of the monumental Palace of Moutas de Pravia, emblematic building of the eighteenth century of the Asturian town where the ebroker Center and everything related to the day to day of the technology platform and its customers is carried out.