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290 user brokers have been trained on this functionality that helps reconcile the balance between their records and those of the company.

Last Wednesday 19 of June, ebroker insurance program conducted the free training webinar on functionality Mediator Account Reconciliation to the company Plus Ultra Seguros, who have attended 290 insurance brokers users of the technological platform.

The Reconciliation of the Mediator Account helps the broker to contrast and, finally, reconcile the balance of all the operations related to receipts and their settlements, thus concluding the operating cycle of the receipt and eliminating the administrative burden that represents performing the manual collation, one by one . This functionality represents an extension of SIAREC, bidirectional connectivity service with companies for automated receipt processes.

Nuria Alfaro, Commercial, Marketing and Communication Manager of ebroker insurance program, highlighted that: "The real efficiency in the day-to-day of the broker is achieved with the Total integration of processes associated with the full cycle of a policy, starting with the commercial processes and ending with functionalities such as Reconciliation Account of the Plus Ultra Insurance Mediator ".

Javier Montoya, Director of Control and Commercial Management of Plus Ultra Seguros, highlights: "Plus Ultra Seguros continues to expand services and deepen the connectivity functionalities to improve administrative management in brokers, as in the case of the mediator account. , optimizes the productivity of the same, allowing to do the same tasks in less time and with less effort ".

They were giving the webinar with ebroker Pedro Torres, responsible for connectivity with Plus Ultra Seguros broker platforms and Elena Fernandez, responsible for receipt management of Plus Ultra Seguros.

In turn, Alejandro M. Saralegui, consultant / trainer of ebroker insurance program, explained in detail and through practical cases the operation of the Mediator Account Reconciliation, showing how the system allows to review the deviation that might exist in the amounts, determining the differences between broker and company, as well as the identification and repair of the incidents arising in the conciliation.

At the end of the webinar, the runners assessed, through an online survey, their experience in the seminar, resulting that the 96% of attendees considered it useful.