This new functionality represents an improvement of the ebroker SIAREC, broker connectivity service with companies for automated receipt processes.

ebroker has developed a connectivity process that allows user brokers to reconcile accounts with the company Plus Ultra Seguros in an automated way

Through a transaction sent by the company once a month, the broker is informed of the movements derived from the settlement and collection of receipts that the company has registered, which are contrasted with the information registered in the broker's system.

With this new functionality, the broker can efficiently compare, with their records, the information related to the settlement of premiums of the receipts managed by their brokerage, the payment of commissions of the receipts managed by the company, settlement of the payment of claims and other concepts, eliminating the administrative burden represented by performing the collation by hand, one by one.

In this way, the system allows reviewing the deviation that might exist in the amounts, determining the differences between the broker and the company, as well as identifying and repairing the incidents arising in the reconciliation.

The improvement represents an extension of SIAREC of ebroker, service of bidirectional connectivity with companies for automated receipt processes, helping the broker to review and finally reconcile the balance of all operations between the company and the brokerage regarding the receipts and their settlements, thus concluding their operating cycle.