This new functionality allows user brokers to be more efficient in the face of portfolio renewals and decrease the turnover of their business.

ebroker has put into production a new functionality of connectivity brokers called “Portfolio Defense” that allows user brokers to be more efficient when facing portfolio renewals and reduce business turnover.

Through this new functionality, ebroker implements a new standard within its technological platform that will allow insurance companies to integrate their services aimed at customer retention in the face of portfolio renewal in a homogeneous way.

“We are immersed in a moment of economic uncertainty that compromises the payment capacity of families and companies, and for this reason it is important to promote measures that help prevent business turnover between brokers and insurers, something very damaging that does not add value and only it generates an administrative burden ”, stated Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker.

Allianz It is the first insurer available in the new functionality of "Portfolio Defense" developed in ebroker and now the insurance brokers who work with Allianz can now, in a fully integrated way with the management system, apply discounts on their portfolio receipts, split the payment of premiums and make changes to the bank accounts in which customers wish to debit collections.

All operations are carried out online between the insurance company and broker connectivity through ebroker and the process is also supported in this case by the bidirectional operation of receipts based on EIAC that Allianz and ebroker are currently implementing.

The functionality has been presented to the ebroker user community through a webinar attended by about 350 users.