CYBERWAY is the cyber insurance developed with TELEFONICA SEGUROS that can be quoted and issued through ebroker Store in an easy and simple way.

Aware of the growing demand experienced by the market in the field of cyber insurance, caused mainly by the COVID-19 crisis, ebroker, in collaboration with INSURANCE TELEPHONE, has launched a new version of CYBERWAY, cyber insurance whose offer and contracting is carried out in an integrated way in the system ebroker Store in an agile and simple way.

With this initiative, ebroker increases the capacity and commercial efficiency of the insurance broker, since CYBERWAY eliminates the usual barriers and difficulties in the operation of offering and contracting this type of insurance.

CYBERWAY in cyber insurance without franchises, without sublimits in guarantees, without prior forms, which includes a large number of activities of insurable companies and self-employed, with highly competitive premiums, with a high level of remuneration for the broker, with the broadest concept of Insurable cyber incident in the market and with the possibility of bidding and issuing through ebroker in four clicks, in a fully integrated, automatic and online way up to the limit of 31 million euros of company invoicing.

“Ebroker is more than software, it is much more than a multitarifier, it is a partner of the broker in its objective of achieving efficiency and competitiveness to take advantage of the business opportunities offered by the market. This was a good time to demonstrate it. Cyber ​​insurance contracting has increased by 41% in the last two months and we want to be useful to the broker at a time of opportunity that he must necessarily take advantage of ”stated Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker and CEO of E2K.