ERP insurance brokers

SIAPOL provides connectivity associated with the management and treatment of policies based on the sector standard. ERP insurance brokers.

ebroker ERP insurance brokers and Sanitas have completed the implementation of SIAPOL for the company, connectivity process for the management and treatment of policies under the EIAC standard, being already available to insurance brokers users of the platform.

SIAPOL allows to execute administrative processes automatically and integrated with the computer systems of the insurers, such as loading policies, consulting data, loading supplements and cancellations, providing connectivity in the management of policies under the EIAC standard and, therefore, making more efficient the relationship between brokers and insurer for the exchange of information on insurance contracts.

As a next step in the relationship of both entities, the implementation of the Receipt Movements service, an automated receipt management process is also projected based on the EIAC standard. In addition, ebroker is already working on the inclusion of Sanitas health product in its Integrated Multitarifier and will be available soon.

ebroker ERP insurance brokers and Sanitas renewed last February their agreement for the integration of the company to the operation of the platform, with the intention of continuing to offer brokers users new products and connectivity possibilities with specialist insurers, increasing their possibilities of business and efficiency.