The growing demand for the service has been managed by ebroker ERP insurance through distance courses and training plans.

Within its 360 service catalog, ebroker ERP insurance brokers has Classroom ebroker, training service on the different functionalities of the platform that allows users to know in detail the operation of each of them, in order to make the use of the tool more efficient and, therefore, improve the productivity of the brokerages.

During 2019, 100% of license sales have had associated training plans aimed at the start-up of ebroker ERP insurance brokers, accompanying users in the important initial configuration and introduction to the multiple possibilities of the platform for achieve maximum use of the system. 96% of these trainings were carried out online.

The Aula ebroker ERP insurance brokers catalog offers different training possibilities. In addition to the Initiation courses, they include: Parameterization, Business Management, Administration, Business Intelligence, Commercial Management (CRM), Accounting, Connectivity and Mobility Services, which are available to all those users who wish to deepen their knowledge in the application and that are carried out by experts, adapting to the needs of brokerages with basic, advanced or specialized training in specific functionalities and with flexibility in time and content.

Another of the most requested services in the Aula ebroker catalog is the new line of Functional Consulting, which analyzes the use of the program that the brokerage is doing, evaluating if the processes are applied correctly and proposing options to develop to improve them and increase operational efficiency

Of all the training courses, the most demanded by users, with 42%, is Connectivity with insurers, highlighting the importance and value of their automated integration of business processes with entities for insurance brokers. The Commercial Management (CRM) course, with 19%, is another of the most requested training, through which students can develop an efficient management of the relationship with clients, candidates and commercial actions from the insurance brokers ERP platform .

Along with these personalized training for each brokerage, ebroker ERP insurance regularly performs webinars free on the new features of the platform, such as new products available in the ebroker Store or Integrated Multitarifier, SIAPOL, SIAREC, evolving functionalities or new functionalities.

Agustín Carballo, responsible for the area of ​​Documentation, Training and Quality highlights, “We have had an excellent response to the online training cycles of Aula ebroker, due to its digital nature, it allows users to attend courses from their brokerage, in a schedule convenience for them and with which we seek to transform knowledge about the application into its efficiency, productivity and profitability ”.