ebroker BI

Information point related to ebroker BI

The Information Point includes basic concepts on Business Intelligence, as well as information on indicators, dashboards and customer segmentation.

ebroker has just taken another step in the development of its product to improve the service it provides to its customers. Through this website we have improved communication about your product by expanding the information it offers about ebroker BI, the ebroker functionality that allows insurance brokers businessmen to apply business intelligence to their daily activity through the analysis of data that they daily manage and store in ebroker.

To the information that was already offered on the web so far we have added the section "Information point”In which you can find various audiovisual materials related to ebroker BI, including a series of infographics:

  • The basic concepts
  • The indicators it handles, what they are and what they are for.
  • The dashboards or how ebroker BI groups the indicators and provides that information.
  • Customer segmentation obtained through the weighted evaluation of indicators.

Also in that section is the manual "Control Panel, of information to knowledge" that collects exhaustive information on ebroker BI. To facilitate the use of this new tool, a video has been added in which all the concepts discussed above are summarized.