About 1.000 attendees gathered at the webinar in which ebroker shared the keys to its new multitarifier with its user community.

The technology company has announced the availability of its first version of the multitarifier for the month of December of this year. This beta version will be tested by a specific group of users as a preliminary step to full availability in the first weeks of 2021 for the entire insurance broker community.

The new ebroker multitarifier, whose commercial name has not been disclosed, has been developed entirely following the most modern and current technological standards in software design. In addition, it incorporates functionalities with a high innovative component such as the prediction of prices and trends based on techniques of Big Data, the detailed and comparative analysis of insurance product guarantees, and a new collaboration system among the user community for the opinion and evaluation of experiences on prices and products.

The technology company will also offer brokers that are not ebroker users the possibility of using the new multitarifier as an independent product available for the market.

Those attending the webinar offered their opinion on what was dealt with in the survey carried out at the end of the event, being remarkable that 97,71% of the participants stated that "the new tool will satisfy their future needs in the field of multitarification ”.