big data insurance

SegData will be the name of the new ebroker insurance Data Analytics Big Data service, exclusively for users of the technology platform.

ebroker and Euskaltel Group, through their company Telecable, have signed an agreement for the development of SegData, a Data Analytics project based on the creation of a secure Big Data environment and aimed at analyzing information and obtaining knowledge about the Spanish insurance market in the context of professional distribution; a pioneering project in the insurance sector aimed at exhaustive knowledge of the behavior of the broker channel in the market, for the exclusive benefit of the community of insurance brokers on the ebroker platform.

SegData will facilitate the analysis of trends in market price behavior, competitive positioning among insurers, predictive vision in operations of multitarification, and an extensive set of information analysis in descriptive, predictive and prescriptive terms that will add value and knowledge in professional and business activity, while providing the insurance broker with knowledge and greater executive capacity for decision-making, providing sectorial vision regarding multiple business indicators that can be put in relation compared to those of the broker itself.

ebroker has chosen for this important strategic project Telecable, its current and main partner of Cloud infrastructure, which brings its knowledge, experience and resources to the SegData project through its Big Data Mileva platform, which enables the acquisition and management of information on a large scale and in real time, providing ebroker with integration, storage, processing capacity and Artificial Intelligence in charge of analyzing, interpreting and transforming this data into information necessary for the new digital services offered by SegData.

The agreement was formalized digitally on May 15, with the intervention of Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker and Isidro Fernández de La Calle, Director of Companies of the Euskaltel Group.

In the context of the virtual meeting that both managers held, Higinio Iglesias stated: “We want to put in the hand of the insurance broker the power of information management. Knowledge management is the best defense against the adversities that are coming as a consequence of the imminent socioeconomic inflection, and also the most valuable resource to open the way to a future that must be viewed with optimism. ”

For his part, Isidro Fernández de la Calle stated that “From Telecable and the Euskaltel Group we want to go one step further in our historical relationship with ebroker and continue contributing, as a telecommunications services operator, innovative and pioneering projects. In all our projects, the key is closeness to the client, knowing their business and their processes, in order to understand their needs. We are sure of the success of the SegData tool in the insurance brokers sector, as it will provide them with a new channel of information that is very valuable in their day-to-day life. ”