secure multipathing

Available in the ebroker multitarder, environment oriented to the fast obtaining of offer, policy subscription and integration in a single tool.

It is already in production for the users of the platform, the product of Decesos de Active Insurance in the ebroker insurance multitasker.

With this action, the IT solution for insurance brokers expands its catalog of products in the Decesos branch with a specialist company through its multi-vendor, an environment oriented to the rapid acquisition of comparative offer, the subsequent subscription of the policy and integration of the information in a single tool.

At the end of the month, SIAPOL and SIAREC will be implemented under the EIAC standard with the Company, connectivity for the management and treatment of policies and receipts, running automatically, integrated and bidirectional with the computer systems of insurers. This fact gives the broker a high degree of operational efficiency allowing the reduction of administrative burdens.

Active Seguros and ebroker arrived last February to an agreement for the integration of the Company to the daily operations of the more than 600 brokers that make up the community of user companies of ebroker, the first step being the development and start-up of the mentioned product.

Gustavo Casino, president of Active Seguros, highlights: "With more than 65 years of experience we needed to take this step, through which we will be able to reach a greater number of brokers and publicize a differentiated and competitive product, with which we believe, the ebroker network will be enriched ".

In turn, Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker, highlights that: "Through this integration of Active Seguros, we expanded the contracting options in our multi-party as well as enhancing the context of connectivity between the company and the insurance brokers users of our IT solution for insurance brokers. "