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Cyberway is the cyber insurance developed by Telefónica Seguros that will be marketed by the ebroker user brokers.

Last Monday, 15 in April, and within the programming of the product launch, we have held exclusively for our community of users an online seminar "Cyberway, the cyber insurance that is hired in 4 clicks". It has presented the insurance product developed by Telefónica Insurance contract exclusively and integrated through the marketplace ebroker Store; insurance aimed at the protection of the self-employed and SMEs against the emerging risks in the new digital society and cybercrime.

The webinar, which was attended by 110 broker users, was led by Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker, who highlighted the commitment of ebroker, insurance mediator software, with the contribution of value through technology to, with initiatives such as this , bring new opportunities to the broker with insurers and products that increase their commercial capacity.

In this sense, he gave as an example the present initiative through an innovative, competitive insurance developed in the field of cyber risk specialists, being a product that maximizes the supply capacity of the broker and that is based on a highly commercialized model. efficient, which supposes a remarkable reduction of the administrative loads associated to the commercial action of offer and hiring by its simplicity and immediacy.

Next, Carmen Gutiérrez, from Telefónica Seguros, and Esther Campa, from JLT RE, presented the main characteristics, coverage and singularities of Cyberway, a product designed by Telefónica Seguros entirely for the Spanish market, with a terminology and approach that is easy to understand by freelancers and companies. They also reviewed the current cybercrime situation in Spain, putting statistics and data on cyber incidents in the country and their increase in recent years on the table.

Alejandro M. Saralegui, consultant of the ebroker team, explained in detail "how is it done in ebroker", putting real examples of pricing and contracting the Cyberway product through ebroker Store. In addition, he demonstrated how effectively with only 4 clicks an offer is obtained and the hiring process is launched, highlighting the efficiency and time savings for the insurance broker, with the consequent reduction of administrative burdens thanks to the automation and integration of the processes .

Finally, they went answering one by one all the questions that the attendees had made to the speakers during the broadcast, being clarified different questions about the operation of the product, coverage and the response and handling of incidents by the company in case of cyber attack

For Higinio Iglesias, “Cyberway is designed to be easy for the client to offer, subscribe and understand. Now is the time for the insurance broker to contribute its value as a professional advising and advising SMEs and the self-employed on the need for an effective insurance program against cyber risks. "

At the end of the webinar, the brokers assessed, through an online survey, their experience in the seminar, resulting that the 100% of attendees considered it useful, and in addition, an 95,55% of them indicated that they would offer Cyberway to their clients to cover your needs for protection against cyber-incidents.