ebroker cloud: the program for insurance brokers

We moved to the cloud

El Cloud Computing (the cloud) has radically transformed the business model, both of SMEs and large companies, and their strategies by having a new tool that allows accelerating process innovation and reducing costs. East technology model adapts to the company needs at all times, which only pays for what it uses

Whole set of functionalities  and ebroker services are hosted on a server (data center) connected to the network, accessible from any computer (whatever operating system you are running) with an Internet connection without installing executable applications on your hard drive and where also The information generated by these same applications or services is stored.


There are many reasons why the cloud is a cost savings. Read the following points and start adding up what you save:

  • Initial investment in servers and their installation.
  • Server administration (reset, cleaning, ...)
  • Administration tasks, configuration, maintenance, etc.
  • Configuration of the installation for remote accesses (routers, cable, adsl, ports opening, firewall, ...)
  • Guarantees extensions.
  • Repair in case of failure.
  • Investment in server renewal.
  • Fixed IP.
  • Electric consumption and UPS system.


It does not matter if you are small or large, now everyone has the opportunity to access ebroker Cloud. If you grow ebroker Cloud grows with you, because ebroker adapts to your needs and size of infrastructure without investments in new hardware.


Because data is the basis of your business, we offer a service of permanent and professional copies totally unassisted, do not worry about the execution of security copies, information losses, viruses, intrusions, hardware failures ...
Your information is located in a Data Processing Center, with the latest technology in security systems, air conditioning, electricity supply, connectivity, physical security and logical security. Element availability and redundancy, without a single point of failure.

Simplicity, compatibility and automation

Access ebroker without the need to download or install any software or hardware, you only need an internet connection and a browser to access your information. You always have the latest version of the program, since it does not require complicated updating processes, the updates are automatic. No installation or requirements of computer technicians for the implementation of the application.