621-RGPD. Massive sending of the consent document.

ebroker, allows you to send the consent document, by telematic means, to a group of clients. In the Interactions > Messaging > RGPD module, you must select the means by which you want to send the message, then the system presents you with the candidates screen in search mode so that you can filter a selection and send the mass notification to the selected clients. . Clients receive the message, access the document, and authorize and sign the consent. Once signed by the client, the information is integrated into the ebroker: The digital certificate is added to the documentary file The purposes are automatically marked The pertinent annotations are made in the management history

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620-RGPD. Telematic processing of consent.

ebroker, allows you to sign the consent document in digital format, via email or SMS. In the "Consent model" menu, we can select the means by which we want to send the digital format; Once the corresponding option is selected, the message is sent to the client with access to the digital consent model. The client receives a message on his device that includes the link to the digital form for authorization and consent in which he must mark the purposes he wants to authorize. Once signed, the information is integrated into the ebroker and the digital certificate is added to the documentary file.

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619- Last days for the presentation of the DEC 2021!

We remind you that next week the deadline for submitting the Statistical-Accounting Documentation (DEC) 2021 ends, specifically on April 30. In ebroker you have the necessary tools to carry out the telematic presentation of the statistical-accounting information of the brokerage. To do this, you must generate the file from the "Generate the File for Telematic Presentation" button. Once generated, you must select it within the history, it would be the one that appears as "annual-2021.xml" and then download it from the "Download file" button, saving it on your computer to later be able to import it into the DGSFP application . Remember that, once the file has been generated, from «Model Printing Interface» you can print it in pdf.

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618-Reminder DEC 2021

Remember that the deadline for the presentation of the DEC 2021 is April 30. In ebroker, you have the official documentation models and you can obtain all the necessary information in the following Guides: Electronic presentation of the DEC. Telematic presentation of regional DEC.

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