What is the Users Consultative Board?

The insurance brokers users of ebroker have an active channel of participation in the development of the project through the Advisory Board of Users (JCU), a collegiate advisory body created in 2004, appointed by the ebroker technical team and whose mission is to channel the functional contributions of the user collective.

It carries out its work by issuing reports about the opportunity or interest of the functional suggestions and / or proposals made by users.

Who forms it?

The JCU is currently formed by insurance brokers who, due to their particular professional or business profiles and knowledge of the tool, can be considered as qualified and representative of a certain segment of the user collective, as well as being available to an innovative vision of the sector. and commitment to the development of the project.

At present its members are Juan Vera Sicilia, Francesc Simón i Anguera, Ernesto Fernández Eiras, Mario Quílez Fabuel and Eloy Páez Carmona.

What are its goals?

Choose with objective, professional, impartial and independent criteria, among all the suggestions and proposals for functional implementation made by users those that represent the greatest benefit to the general interest of the group.

How It Works

ebroker Users Advisory Board