Talent, professionalism and commitment

ebroker is supported by a highly qualified multidisciplinary team in different areas of product shaping (technology, marketing, communication, economics, law ...) that, with the most advanced resources and infrastructures, make ebroker an essential tool in the development of professional and business activity of the insurance broker.

The ebroker team is organized around five areas of activity under the management of a manager, an operations management and a CEO:

Operations Management

We direct and control the different operational areas of ebroker through the planning and execution of actions combining finance, logistics, human resources and technical resources, with the aim of guaranteeing the viability and sustainability of the processes, optimizing productivity and thus achieving satisfaction. maximum of the business strategies we execute.

Rafael A. Selgas
Rafael A. SelgasPresident and CEO
Insurance Mediator titled

 Always ensuring proper operational development, strategy compliance and resource management.

Information Technology (IT) Area

We define technology and software and data architecture at a high level. We investigate new technologies and possible technological trends and their application to the development of the ebroker product. We build and lead the human IT team supporting all areas of the division to understand their needs and solve them. We also direct an R & D area and we take care of the support in the optimization of internal processes and external relations.

Following the business specifications, we develop, evolve, innovate and maintain the product using the most advanced and avant-garde technologies and methodologies in software engineering at all times. Our capacity in the interpretation and application of technological resources make ebroker a unique and complete product where R + D + i plays an important role in the investigation and application of new trends in technological advances, always anticipating the future.

We also perform data migration processes, facilitating new customers to transit to our product with the least impact on the business continuity process.

We put the most cutting-edge technologies at the service of the corridor.

Ivan Buceta
Ivan BucetaArea Manager
TDA Computer
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Business area

We detect needs in the field of insurance mediation and establish our strategy to seek solutions, combining through multidisciplinary management, communication, marketing and commercialization actions.

We approach the insurance community, valuing our capabilities and advantages as a reference partner for the insurance broker in its digital transformation process. Among other functions, our team carries out commercial management with future clients, consulting needs, presentations and demos, content strategy and internet presence and development of the policy in the media.

We are the connection with the market, the eyes and voice of ebroker in the sector.

Nuria Alfaro
Nuria AlfaroArea Manager
Dip.GA Companies
Insurance Mediator titled

User Services Area

We provide a complete technical and functional service in the resolution of doubts, incident management and start-up tutorials, seeking the highest quality and the best treatment. We are aware that the user's experience and satisfaction is directly related to the service associated with the product that we offer. That is our job and the result, part of our reputation as a brand.

As part of the services to the user, we have a team of people specialized in training and preparing brokers in the use of ebroker tools and functionalities, aimed at achieving the highest efficiency by the insurance broker from a extensive training catalog. We complete the service with documentary means (help, reprints, manuals, multimedia materials, etc.), audiovisuals and online seminars at all levels to support the learning process.

Fernanda Glez.
Fernanda Glez.Area Manager
TS Inform. Management

We are always available when our clients need us, solving their doubts and transforming their knowledge about ebroker into efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Project Engineering Area

For the perfect functioning of the ebroker machinery, it is necessary to establish mechanisms that allow the transversal coordination of the different areas, with the aim of ensuring the highest quality in all processes and jobs.

We coordinate the different operational areas, managing the specifications, scopes, execution times and we develop dynamics of continuous improvement aimed at offering the best service to the insurance broker.

We are transversal to the entire ebroker division. Our goal is to obtain the highest quality.

Pedro Ramos
Pedro RamosArea Manager
Industrial Engineer

Internal Services Area

We add value to internal activity and provide resources to a team of almost 50 people in its different departments, facilitating transversally the operations of the company through the provision of services in areas such as support for the action of the Directorate, the management and coordination of HR, dialogue and support for legal advice, certifications, sector regulations, public aid, secretariat, etc.

Sandra Prieto
Sandra PrietoArea Manager
Lic. Law

Our day to day is based on adding value to the work of the rest of the teams.