By brokers for brokers

ebroker is the response to the needs of the insurance broker in the context of the new digital economy and the subsequent transformation process of the company, its client and the consumer society.

As a business project, it represents an alternative to the traditional industry of technological solutions for the integral management of the brokers and provides as a differential value being led by Professionals With extensive experience and knowledge of the insurance sector in general and insurance mediation in particular.

Ha evolved In recent years, from the conception of a simple management software to a global market-leading solution for the implementation of the business strategy of insurance brokers.

ebroker is a clear technological reference in the Spanish insurance sector, a strategic partner for the accompaniment of insurance distribution companies in their digital transformation process.

ebroker brings to the world of brokerage an approach in which the priority is the reduction of administrative burdens as an obligatory path for the liberation of administrative resources and its consequent reorientation towards commercial work and the increase of interaction with the client in order to increase the level of empathy and loyalty of this.

For its extensive functional capacities -in constant evolution and innovation-, for its modern technological architecture, for its information security environment, for its adaptation to the sectoral regulation and applicable regulations, for the reliability of the business model that supports it, for being a broker project for brokers, today more than 700 insurance distribution companies rely on ebroker as a technological partner.

Higinio Iglesias