Business Intelligence with ebroker

Attending the presentation of ebroker BI in Valencia

Official presentation of ebroker Business Intelligence (BI) in Valencia.

The event, held at the Palacio de Congresos de Valencia last 14 in January, was attended by more than 200 runners who were explained what it consists of ebroker BI and how it has been designed in order to help brokers make good decisions based on the analysis of the information they have that is not yet 100% profitable. To this end, the tool allows the broker to process business information through intelligent data analysis, practical applications to obtain conclusions, reporting, graphical representation and dashboards to help and guide business decisions. It is the result of years of work and investment, because, as Iglesias pointed out, “since the creation of ebroker in 2001 we have been innovating continuously; innovation has always been our main driver ”.

He stressed that this "pioneering tool in management systems for insurance brokers" allows processing the hundreds of data handled by these professionals. With it, brokers can “know in real time the type of their clients (segmentation), their needs, their age, number of policies, commissions, their level of risk, the premiums to be applied, the loss ratio, the delinquency etc. in order to offer a better service and better manage your company ”.

"Technology will become a powerful tool to define customer profiles." With this phrase began Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker, the official presentation of ebroker Business Intelligence (BI), a tool that allows the insurance broker to improve the management of their business in relation to their clients and insurers.

Iglesias también subrayó que “los sistemas de Business Intelligence han estado hasta ahora solo al alcance de grandes empresas por su elevado precio y el gran esfuerzo de recursos especializados para su implementación”. «ebroker –concretó- ha invertido mucho esfuerzo en la forma de desarrollar este sistema a un coste asequible y de fácil acceso. Pensamos que era preciso que diese un salto cualitativo. Hemos desarrollado una nueva dimensión funcional que aporta capacidad estratégica a la correduría como empresa mediante la conversión de la información en conocimiento. Queremos ayudar al corredor a tomar mejores decisiones como empresario”.

He stressed that ebroker BI “It is not a software, it is a strategy; some practices can be very complex, but this is not our case; We start from something simple and we will advance little by little; we take into account the reality of the present and look to the future ”. He concluded his speech by pointing out that "there is an important journey ahead" and encouraged those present to "do it together."

Improve the eficiency

Fernando Losada, commercial general deputy director of Mediators of PLUS ULTRA, a collaborating entity in the organization of the event, stated in his speech that “we applaud this type of initiative, because the future is in it; improving efficiency is one of the challenges for mediators ”. To which he added: "The companies that bet on Mediation depend on the development of these professionals." He also indicated that technological advances are two or three phases ahead of our adaptation. “We are in the knowledge phase, of using the tools we have to obtain information. Having the information is not the same as having the knowledge, now we have information saturation which sometimes complicates decision-making ”. In this sense, he stressed that ebroker BI facilitates “being able to discern what information is useful from what is not, which helps to make decisions. This will differentiate some mediators from others ”.

The day ended with the intervention of Eloy Páez, director of e-gestiona consultants, who indicated that the purposes of ebroker are focused on helping the broker “create a successful campaign; reconcile with technology; update the agenda; have regular meetings with the team; visit the best clients; save time in monitoring the evolution; surprise our commons… ”All with the aim of optimizing the broker's main assets: the client portfolio; “To retain those who show more affinity to take care of them; achieving greater portfolio stability is a utopia, but today it can be achieved; facilitate business growth ”.

We leave this album with the photos obtained during the presentation day: