ebroker blockchain

The insurer adheres to the innovative blockchain technology project, which focuses on digital certification, security, standardization, IoT and big data, among others.

The insurer AXA has formalized its incorporation to the Blockchain NET ebroker project, private network of insurance brokers based on blockchain technology that integrates the collective potential of the more than 600 insurance brokers that make up the community of user companies of ebroker.

The project, which focuses on strategic areas of innovation as important as digital certification, security, standardization, IoT, big data, among others, will initially provide a solution to allow insurance brokers to manage aspects related to the new Data Protection Regulation efficiently and shared with insurers.

The agreement was signed at the AXA headquarters in Madrid last June 21 by José María Plaza, Director of Customer Service and Operations of AXA Seguros and Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker, who in this way have formalized the incorporation of the company and its commitment to innovative initiatives such as those based on blockchain technology.