AXA connectivity

Entourage Axa - ebroker

Yesterday, Monday 18 of September, we received in the ebroker Center the visit of executives of AXA led by Luis Sáez de Jáuregui, Director of Distribution and Sales and Antonio Jiménez, next Director of the Corredores Channel.

In the meeting held, future connectivity projects were monitored to enhance the context of information exchange between the company and the integrated brokers in the ebroker technology platform.

In this sense, Antonio Jiménez came as the new Director of the Corredores Channel, effective as of October 1, to consolidate the ties and rapprochement between the company and the ebroker from the outset.

On the part of AXA we have had the presence of Luis Sáez de Jáuregui (Director of Distribution and Sales), Antonio Jiménez (Director of the Corredores Channel), Mar Romero (West Territorial Director), Emiliano López (Director of the Western Territorial Corredores Channel) and Fernando Delgado (Asturias Branch Director). For our part, Higinio Iglesias (CEO of ebroker), Paloma Arenas (General Director of E2K Global Business Solutions), Nuria Alfaro (Commercial, Marketing and Communication Manager) and Rafael Alvarez (Project Director) attended.