We advance in connectivity under standard EIAC with Axa

In the meeting we held, we also promoted improvements to the HogarFlexible product and the opening of Auto claims

AXA and ebroker held a meeting to promote the already traditional collaboration between both entities with the implementation of the EIAC standard. During the meeting we also evaluate the achieved progress between the two, so far this year.

An example of the good progression in these relationships is the implementation of the new version of the HogarFlexible product, which will offer all the possibilities of optional contracting available in the product, as well as the opening of Auto claims (SIASIN), which find in a pilot phase.

The collaboration strategy for the remainder of 2016 will be based on the improvement of specific developments of the EIAC (Unified Information Exchange Standard). As explained by Rafael Raya, director of Brokers at AXA, “following our commitment to the sector, we will work to notably improve the quality of the data offered and we will begin to advance in the two-way transmission of information (company-broker and broker-company ) ".

Both AXA and ebroker agree that the EIAC "is already mature, so the time has come to use only this format and abandon the old ones." The new lines of work involve automating their use and completely replacing the old data transmission formats between AXA and the brokers integrated in ebroker by the new industry standard.