The platform and the insurance company drive new projects.

The insurance company AXA and ebroker, a platform for the management of the business of insurance brokers, have signed an agreement for the year 2020 which includes aspects of collaboration in the field of connectivity between the company and the brokers users of the technology.

In the meeting held in Madrid between Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker and Pedro Navarro, director of Corredores Channel and Canal Brokers of AXA, the reinforcement of the offer of AXA products and services on the platform has been set in this year's joint plan , as well as the promotion of knowledge and use of connectivity in the insurance sector.

One of the main joint actions is the development of a pilot project for bidirectional receipts, thus reaching Phase IV of the EIAC sector standard and allowing the company to exchange information with ebroker users insurance brokers in an efficient and efficient manner. Automated for both.

For Pedro Navarro, director of the Corredores channel of AXA Spain, “we have to continue betting on connectivity, an area in which AXA has invested more than 6 million euros and in which we continue working with partners such as ebroker”.

Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker, stressed that “among other attractive challenges of this agreement, AXA has selected ebroker for the development of a pilot for bidirectional receipts in phase IV of EIAC, and this is great news for our community of broker users to continue advancing in the efficiency and competitiveness of professional insurance mediation ”

The actions agreed in the agreement are aimed at strengthening the relationship between the two entities in order to bet, promote and lead the sectoral technological change that benefits insurance mediation.