Juan Carlos Latorre, Cristina del Ama and Higinio Iglesias

ebroker Blockchain NET is focused on advancing strategic areas as important as digital certification, security, standardization, IoT and Big data among others.

On October 4, Allianz and ebroker have confirmed, through an agreement, the incorporation of the insurer to the business collaboration project based on tecnología blockchain, which integrates the collective potential of the more than 600 insurance brokers that make up the community of user companies of ebroker.

The Blockchain NET ebroker project is already underway and has held different accessions since its creation a few months ago. It is growing and advancing in the development of this technology for its use in strategic areas of the sector such as digital certification, security, standardization, IoT and Big Data, among others, with which we see a great opportunity to provide solutions to insurance brokers, initially to manage different aspects related to Data Protection and the new European Directive on insurance distribution (IDD) in an efficient and shared way with the insurers.

"This project represents for Allianz a new step forward in our firm commitment to continue advancing in innovation and digitalization while supporting the development and constant cooperation with mediators" said Cristina del Ama, General Director and Head of Commercial and Market Management of Allianz

On the other hand, Higinio Iglesias, CEO of ebroker affirmed; "The adhesion of Allianz to the echain project Blockchain NET represents the support of one of the most important insurance companies worldwide to a project that aims to develop a large network of operations around the cooperation between brokers and insurers."