No. 581 June 11, 2021

ebroker: Process automation. RGPD documentation signature request.

ebroker, allows you to create an alarm in the customer module to automate the sending of an email, with the content of a template defined by you, to all customers who, after the number of days you establish, have not signed the documentation of the RGPG. In this case, we will establish communication to clients who do not have the RGPD documentation signed 15 days after being discharged. To do this, you must use the following data filters within the search catalog.

  • Registration date = @ H15D @ (The discharge date was 15 days ago)
  • Unsubscribe date =null (In this way we ensure that you are not unsubscribed)
  • Expressed consent GDPR =DO NOT

 You just have to go to ... 

Main> Interactions> Communications> Alarms