557 4 number of December 2020

ebroker: Blocking of remittance receipts due to portfolio retention.

ebroker, allows you to automatically force the blocking in remittance of those receipts whose percentage of variation of the premium is equal to or greater than the one you have defined.

The fields "Block in remittance" and "Receipt revised" in the "Management" section of a receipt will not be shown if the percentage for retention of the portfolio in remittance is empty. In order for the fields to be visible on the screen, you must indicate some value, including 0%.

You can manage the unlocking of receipts at the time of making the remittance; Blocked receipts are distinguished by being marked in red, allowing access to the receipt at that moment and removing the block mark.


 You just have to go to ... 

Control panel> Accounting> General> Miscellaneous